Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off, 2014 VMAS

Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off, 2014 VMAS

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You have people trying to take off your shoes, sometimes. When you’re standing on like a [laughs], when you’re standing on a stage and the crowd can reach out. I can just feel them unbuckling my shoe, and I’m just sort of like, “This can’t happen.” Or like grabbing at your ankles, and you’re just sort of like, “I really hope they don’t pull me into the pit,” ‘cause I don’t know what I’d do. But you know, that’s because they’re so energetic, they’re so passionate which is what I want from them. I guess you can’t as for them to scream and dance and stand up for two hours straight, and not take you’re shoes off of you.
Taylor Swift, What is the craziest thing that happened to you on stage?  (via ts-1989)

why? why do you  l o v e  me?

why? why do you want to  h u r t  me?

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T.S. 1989

T.S. 1989

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Taylor, stop wearing crop tops.

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Press conferences


"When I meet my fans, it’s not like meeting a stranger. It’s like saying hello to someone I already know is on the same page as me. I just feel so thankful to have that understanding between us.”

I’m on that page too

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